Happy Pi(e) Day: Cranberry Pie

Cranberry Pie. Pie in the WoodsAs I’m sure you know since you’re online, today is Pi Day in honor of our favorite number.  I was originally planning to bake a special pie for the day, but the holiday sneaked up on me so I’m using this recipe from my backlog.  Besides, I’m not great at making things pretty, so go admire some other great pi pies, and just pretend my pie is similarly awesome. Continue reading


Give Beets a Chance: Beet Goat Cheese Ravioli

Pretty Pasta. Pie in the WoodsI try to be open-minded about what I eat, and, with the exception of eggplant (which makes me ill) and meat (obviously), there isn’t really anything I won’t eat.  However, there are a lot of foods that I don’t eat, either because I’m not familiar with them (what do you do with  dragon fruit?), or because “everyone” hates them (brussels sprouts).  I’m trying to broaden my food-tastes, and since a friend keeps bringing up how delicious beets are, I decided to start with them. Continue reading

BBD Blogwarming Party: Russian Rose Bread with Poppy Seed Filling

Finished Russian Rose. Pie in the Woods.

Bread Baking Day #57 - Blogwarming Party - please bring Bread! (Last day of submission April 1st, 2013)

This bread was inspired by Barbara Bakes’s recipe, which was part of World Bread Day (October 16).  Turns out there is a Bread Baking Day (BBD) roundup of recipes every month, and this month the theme is “Blogwarming Party“, which involves baking any yeasted bread.  I’ve been baking a lot of bread lately (with varying degrees of success), and I thought it would be nice to have a purpose to my baking so I’m joining the roundup. Check it out, and bring some bread to the party!

Kneady kneady dough.  Pie in the Woods.

The other day I found a can of poppy seed filling while browsing the aisles of our “weird” supermarket.  (You know the kind – not much in the way of everyday food, but brimming with imported goodies, fancy teas, and strange canned goods).  I’ve never seen poppy seed filling in my life – but I like poppy seeds, so I was certain I could put it to good use.

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Remember How the World Didn’t End? Pumpkin Manicotti

Filling the Shells. Pie in the Woods

The world was supposed to end on December 21, 2012. (Or possibly the following week… or at the end of the year… or in a few billion years…whatever).  Old news, right?   Well, like many of you, I went to an end of the world party (themed potluck!), and I really liked the dish I made, so I’m going to write about it – chances are someone has predicted the world will end this month, so really it’s still relevant.

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Who Needs Powdered Sugar? Chocolate Banana Ganache

I appear to be incapable of buying powdered sugar. Visiting the baking aisle has become part of my weekly shopping routine, as I have been going through flour like nobody’s business (I graduated to the 10 lb bag, but it’s still gone within a week).  Picking up flour tends to jog my memory as to other baking supplies I need.  Not so with powdered sugar, it’s been weeks and weeks and I still haven’t bought any.

Stir the chocolate. Pie in the Woods

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Approximate Foods: Eggs Florentine (Kinda)

When I first moved to the house of the enormous pantry, I didn’t do much grocery shopping. It just seemed wasteful – we already had so much food.  This led to some forays into uncharted food territory, but mostly I ended up making a lot of substitutions in recipes that I already used.  No sweet potatoes – I have carrots.  No cinnamon – I have cardamom.  No rice – I have tiny pasta.  No spinach – I have kale.

Bag-o-Kale.  Pie in the Woods.

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Cozy Hibernation Foods: Sweet Onion Pasta

Much like bears, and some of the more awesome frogs, I occasionally go into hibernation due to holiday stress, lack of daylight, and broken cameras.  But with the holidays past, light returning to the northern hemisphere, and a replacement camera in the mail it is time to emerge from my den and start posting some of my back-log.

Pouting in the Snow.  Pie in the Woods.

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Spinach Goat Cheese Thing that Everyone Likes: Tossed Spinach Lasagna

Baked Lasagna: Pie in the Woods

As you may have guessed, this dish contains spinach and goat cheese, and everyone likes it – it has become a much-requested birthday food.  This is another recipe adapted from Deborah, as I’ve said, I just love her.

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Taking Advantage of my Pantry: Tortilla Soup

All the Soup Toppings: Pie in the Woods

My housemate’s mom likes to clip coupons. A lot. So much so that she has too much food for her own house, and sends the overflow to us. This has been challenging for me, because there is a ton of food to eat, but not much variety, and not things that I am necessarily used to cooking with.

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Disappearing Party Food: Onion Fig Tartlets

The tarts right out of the oven: Pie in the Woods

Is there anything better than caramelized onions?  The melt in your mouth texture, the sweet/savory flavor—I just love them.  A few years ago I was looking for an appetizer using caramelized onions for a Christmas party; and when I couldn’t find one that suited me, I cobbled one together.  I found one recipe that used figs, another that used Gruyere cheese, and a third that made the onions into small tartlets.  I took these elements and used my go-to pie-crust recipe to make these tartlets using a standard muffin-tin.

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