Me in ME

Hi, I’m Ultra Violet, cook, hiker, and master of the one-armed photograph.  I recently finished hiking the Appalachian Trail (or most of it, I hiked the first mountain, the last mountain and about 1,500 miles in between), and am waiting for my next adventure.

Whilst hiking, my attitude towards food shifted considerably.  I was hungry ALL the time, and I had limited food options based on what was in stores, what I had prepped before-hand and what foods packed the most calories while being lightweight.  Especially during the last month of hiking I began to crave “real” food with a vengeance.  I day-dreamed about food constantly, and as soon as I was in a kitchen again I began cooking up a storm.  I decided that I should harness my food related energy, and Pie in the Woods is my attempt to do so.

As far as cooking is concerned I’m more of a cook-by-feel person than a recipe person (except for baking, I don’t experiment much there).  I thought everyone cooked this way until I got to college and started cooking with friends who followed recipes exactly – down to measuring the amount of salt and pepper in a dish.  Generally I find that my method of cooking works well – on occasion I get a boring dish, but I also come up with new things that become staples in my repertoire – and I need to write them down so I’ll remember!

Primarily focusing on food, this blog is also a place for me to share crafting ideas, quirky  thoughts, and any shenanigans I get up to.  Hopefully this will be fun for other people, while serving me as an online cookbook of all the foods I love.  Happy Cooking!