Trois Magnifiques Oeufs!

I made this sandwich for lunch today (minus the ham of course) with eggs from our chickens. Super Tasty!

Three eggs!  Since one of our hens (Coco) NEVER lays, this is a good day.

From Left to Right: Superman, Betty, Coco, Miss Bossy-pants and Ginger

this french farmhouse

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Three beautiful eggs – that is what I found on Monday morning. We have been waiting and waiting (and waiting) for our hens to lay and were starting to feel as though they never would. Last Thursday, Justin put a golf ball in the nesting box to try to encourage them, and it must have worked! When I opened up the coop on Monday, my facial expression was probably that of a little girl who just found out her parents bought her a pony. It was so exciting.

It’s like magic,” Justin said with a huge grin.

There they were, a little gift from our feathered friends. Small, perfectly oblong and the prettiest pinkish brown I’ve ever seen. I felt so proud you would have thought I had laid them myself. I immediately called Justin at work, “GUESS WHAT?! The bitches laid eggs!” (By the way, that is a term…

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