Happy Pi(e) Day: Cranberry Pie

Cranberry Pie. Pie in the WoodsAs I’m sure you know since you’re online, today is Pi Day in honor of our favorite number.  I was originally planning to bake a special pie for the day, but the holiday sneaked up on me so I’m using this recipe from my backlog.  Besides, I’m not great at making things pretty, so go admire some other great pi pies, and just pretend my pie is similarly awesome. Continue reading


Who Needs Powdered Sugar? Chocolate Banana Ganache

I appear to be incapable of buying powdered sugar. Visiting the baking aisle has become part of my weekly shopping routine, as I have been going through flour like nobody’s business (I graduated to the 10 lb bag, but it’s still gone within a week).  Picking up flour tends to jog my memory as to other baking supplies I need.  Not so with powdered sugar, it’s been weeks and weeks and I still haven’t bought any.

Stir the chocolate. Pie in the Woods

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The Moment of Truth: Pie-Crust

Fresh Pie: Pie in the Woods

So, with a name like “Pie in the Woods”, I should probably talk about pie, right?

I have been sitting on this post for various reasons, to wit:

  • Lack of a good anecdote to post with the story: I’m using this list as an anecdote substitute.
  • Sub-par photos: I don’t have good luck with cameras, and thus don’t want to spend a lot of money. That, coupled with bad lighting, my lack of photo-editing knowledge, and my lack of tripod (last night I took a picture by setting the 10 second timer and then holding the camera in place under my chin!) leads to less than stellar photos.  With the help of my friend, Sir Photoshop, things have gotten a bit better, but I’m not too happy with my pie-crust photos.
  • Not only is the recipe involved (not hard, just tedious to explain), but there is also a lot of science behind pie-crust that I wanted to include because I’m a geek.  This made this a very long post to write, and since I’m lazy I kept putting it off.
  • Fear of judgement: My Fairy-Pie Mother reads this blog, and she’ll know what I get wrong.

So that’s why you haven’t seen this recipe yet.  But I now have three completed recipes in the pipeline that I can’t post because they all involve pie-crust (only one is a traditional pie – this crust just lends itself to several of my recipes) and I want to get the ball rolling.  So here it is!

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Na-cho Post! Sweet Apple “Nachos”

Today (I’m still calling it today since I haven’t gone to bed yet) was a pretty great day.  Obama won!  And he called Joe Biden a “happy warrior” which made me giggle.  I could end the post there, but wait, there’s more!  In the morning I canvassed for Marriage Equality with my best friend and got really positive responses from voters.  I got a free taco at California Tortilla because I voted – om nom nom.  (California Tortilla is an awesome burrito place, they’re quirky and fun and they correctly predicted Obama’s win – I dare you to argue with their prediction methods).  Lastly, I went to two free yoga classes in a row. I’m feeling joyous and flexible and full of life. One of the classes was Dahn yoga which I had not tried before. It was this crazy energy based kriya yoga.  Super silly, but also wonderful.  You should give it a try if there’s a studio in your area.

I like Yoga

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Cotton Candy Chaos

The tastiest of confections

Cotton Candy (Credit: Wikipedia)

I love cotton candy with a passion.  It’s delicious (what else would you expect from sugar?), it has a fabulous texture which makes eating it tons of fun, and it’s hard enough to find that it never gets old.  The one downside is that those fluffy fibers are kinda sharp – eat enough and you’ll start cutting up your mouth (not that I’d know or anything). Whenever I go to an amusement park or carnival, I scout out the cotton candy stands so I can score some on the way out.  What I’m saying is that cotton candy makes me excited -like, jumping up and down excited.

So imagine how excited I was that we had a cotton candy machine for Halloween. Continue reading